Paula RobinsonAccredited Professional Counsellor [MACA]

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    Paula’s skills and experience encompass generalist and specific counselling and she has spent many years helping families, individuals and carers facing enormous change.  Paula has provided professional debriefing for external organisations, and guidance for staff to navigate loss and grief within the workplace.  Paula employs a range of counselling modalities including Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, CBT and emotion focussed therapies.  At all times she approaches her work with kindness and compassion remaining person focussed and tailoring sessions towards the best interest of clients.

    Paula maintains professional accreditation with the Australian Counselling Association which keeps her knowledge and training current and in line with best practice.  She has a particular interest in transitional, disenfranchised and ambiguous loss as so often experienced by people entering aged care, undergoing major life change or health issues including significant changes to body image, and the grief experienced when a beloved companion animal dies.

    Paula believes that grief is not an illness or something to be fixed but rather, an emotion to be felt and explored – the price we pay for love.  The trouble with grief is its unpredictability, its pain and the confusion of emotions, feelings and thoughts that can at times feel overwhelming.   Paula has been working with clients experiencing grief and loss for many years and believes that skilfully journeying with people as they navigate change and challenge is a place of great privilege.  Paula works with clients to help them deal with complex issues around meaning and purpose, to explore deep existential questions, all whilst enhancing wellbeing and working to identify strategies for living as well as possible.

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