Murray BardwellCounsellor / ACT Therapist (Credentialed Mental Health Nurse)

    Murray is a therapist, counsellor and credentialed mental health nurse with over 30 years’ experience mental health which includes several clinical roles along with almost two decades of teaching at university in healthcare. His background enables him to provide therapeutic interventions to individuals, couples and groups. He is a registered provider of Circle of Security, a parenting education program.

    His most recent experience has been in the field of perinatal mental healthcare with Raphael Services (St John of God) where he has established a reputation for being a caring, insightful and effective therapist and has worked successfully with both women and men to facilitate their adjustment to parenting and has continued this specialist field since commencing with Spectrum Active Health as well as general counselling.

    Murray employs a mindfulness based approach and his therapeutic orientation is mainly influenced by ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).  ACT is a skills-based approach that allows a person to open-up to difficult thoughts and emotions without becoming impacted by them. This frees a person up to embrace life fully and to engage in life experiences that are fulfilling and meaningful.  Its’ refreshing approach de-stigmatises emotional hardship, places little emphasis on medical diagnoses and replaces self-judgement, struggle and avoidance with practical and workable solutions.

    Murray’s approach is also influenced by elements of Neuropsychology that facilitates an appreciation of how mind and brain work enabling a renewed non-judgemental perspective on emotional and cognitive experience both pleasant and painful. The aim of this approach is to reduce the impact of experiences previously judged unhelpfully as “a problem that must be eliminated”. Where appropriate he assists people to identify unhelpful thought processes and teaches strategies designed to replace them with more helpful ones using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach.

    Murray is a Member of the Nursing board of Australia and is a registered provider with Medicare. He welcomes referrals from General Practitioner’s and other medical professionals, secondary schools and universities as well as individuals and couples. Murray is also registered to provide services to clients funded by WorkSafe.

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