Grief, Bereavement, Loss

Grief, Bereavement, Loss Counselling

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Now in private practice providing counselling at Spectrum Active Health, Paula Robinson brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and training specialising in the area of grief and loss across the life span. Paula is an Australian Counselling Association Accredited Professional Counsellor who works in multiple modalities understanding that counselling needs to be adaptable since we all have a unique life experience.

Bereavement is traditionally linked to death and the grief that one feels after the loss of a loved one. However, feelings of bereavement can also be linked with other loss. As such, Paula works closely with clients who have experienced grief and loss associated with;

  • Death
  • Relationships and family issues
  • Health concerns, your own or someone you care for including ambiguous loss associated with palliative, life limiting and degenerative conditions.
  • Companion animal bereavement
  • Isolation
  • Changes to your way of life including body changes and issues of self esteem

Paula offers bereavement counselling in a safe and caring environment where clients are supported and encouraged to:

  • Express and acknowledge feelings that are often overwhelming, hidden or challenging, as a result of loss & grief
  • Explore the impact of loss.
  • Explore and strengthen coping strategies, accessing a clients inner resources and personal wisdom.
  • Find support and strategies to help clients deal with their own or someone else’s grief.
  • Make choices consistent with personal values, beliefs and goals
  • Understand grief and its impact on day to day life
  • Adjust to a new normal after loss
  • Discuss concerns with a sensitive, experienced, non-judgemental professional

There is no right or wrong way to grieve and there is no set time limit to grieving. When we lose someone or something important to us, it can rock our world. We are often faced with having to revise and relearn our sense of self, our identity and our understanding of the world. This process can be challenging and takes time.

Grief can impact people on many levels:

  • Physically – Many people report headaches, nausea, aches and pains and other physical symptoms
  • Emotionally – You might find yourself feeling a wide range of feelings, which can change from moment to moment
  • Mentally – You might find yourself trying hard to make sense of things, not believing it or having troubling thoughts
  • Behaviour – Your behaviour may change, including not being able to eat, sleep or concentrate.

Grief is our response to loss. It is the normal, natural and inevitable response to loss, and it can affect every part of our life. It’s okay to admit you are struggling with your grief.

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Self-referral welcome. GP, specialist and allied health professional referrals welcome. Medibank Private health insurance rebateable.

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