Bariatric Nutrition Services

What are our Bariatric Nutrition Services?

Monica Wellington and Whitney Atkinson of ADVANCED Nutrition are Spectrum Active Health’s resident Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD’s). APD’s are the gold standard for accessing dietary advice in Australia (neither ‘Dietitian’ or ‘Nutritionist’ are protected or regulated). We bring a wealth of knowledge to Spectrum Active Health to support you during your weight loss surgery journey.

Some facts about weight:

  • Obesity is a major challenge both locally and nationally.
  • With nearly 5 million Australian adults estimated to be obese (27.9%), the Australian Medical Association has described the situation as a “crisis”  (1)
  • Sadly, the National Heart Foundation data found almost a third of Ballarat residents were obese and the city has the highest rate of physical inactivity in the country (2)
  • For individuals with severe (body mass index over 35kg/m2) or morbid (body mass index over 40kg/m2) obesity, bariatric surgery can be a tool to help individuals improve their lifestyle choices, and reduce their risk of chronic disease

The reasons why we gain weight vary between individuals and is often unintentional (3). If you need support to body shape that makes you feel comfortable and confident, then an APD can help you get there. Our role is to understand how your body works and how food and drinks help nourish and support your body through life (4).  Our approach uses the evidence based nutrition advice to provide you with a personalized plan to support you to succeed.

Bariatric surgery provides more predictable and durable (1) weight loss than traditional methods and is becoming increasingly popular. There are now a variety of procedures available to help individuals manage their weight. A strategic and coordinated, whole society approach is needed to ensure the prevention of obesity, and the treatment of Australians who are already obese. We work in a supportive team including your surgeon/s, GP, mental health clinician/s, and other specialists to support you through this time.

Over the surgery journey, we can help you with:

Using a collaborative approach and research-based evidence, Monica & Whitney can work with you to reach your nutrition goals in a healthy and sustainable way, including:

  • Meeting your pre-surgery nutrition and weight goals
  • Often a specific diet is prescribed before surgery (to reduce risks associated with surgery). We can help guide you during this phase
  • There is a 6-8 week progressive diet after surgery. We will guide you during this process as well.
  • We look forward to working with you after your recovery to create long-term dietary habit changes to improved nutritional knowledge, help manage chronic diseases and general health concerns, and sustain the excellent weight loss results. You can find out more about what we can offer here

Do I need a referral?

Self-referrals welcome.

A Medicare rebate is available if referred via a GP under the Chronic Disease Management program.

A Private Health Insurance rebate is available – please confirm via your health fund prior to an appointment. A GP or Specialist referral letter is welcome but not a necessity.

Our Bariatrics Nutrition Specialists

Monica Wellington

APD, MDiet, BHSc

Our Services

Whatever brings you here, our team have the experience and expertise to work with you.

We work together to reach the best possible outcome for you. We know our strengths and our limits, so we’ll always ensure you are in the safest hands.

Unfortunately we are unable to help if you need

  • Bulk billed appointments
  • Mental health crisis appointments
  • Psychiatry care
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Drug and alcohol addiction care

Whoever you are, whatever your goal, we’re here to help

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